"Don’t worry about it!"

One of the most irritating phrases in the history of mankind. "Don’t worry about it." It’s so effing annoying to hear in most situations. I’m a worry-wart, so naturally, I worry about stuff. Especially when it comes to my family and friends. A friend-of-a-friend passes away, I worry about that friend and what they’re doing to cope. Are they using healthy methods or are they using unhealthy methods? I worry when my family is going through something they shouldn’t have to. For example, getting back together with a manipulative, abusive assface.

Now, last week-ish, I get a call from my mother telling me all this dramatic stuff is happening and tells me, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not your problem to fix.” Bullshit it isn’t! Of course, that’s my first thought, but then I realize it’s not my problem and I try to fix it anyway. I’m a problem solver kinda person. It sucks. I like fixing problems, it makes my world go ‘round. I stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong sometimes and try to fix whatever is going on. Then when it does get fixed, I get this happy, warm feeling… Like, a really great hug feeling. Either way, when the problem doesn’t get fixed or an outcome turns out bad, I get all grumpy and bitter.

Did I mention that being a problem solving person sucks?


Anyway, I guess what’s really irritating me right now is seeing some I deeply care for and I take care of emotionally when I’m able is making one of the worst mistakes ever right now. Essentially, they’re just proving that they believe they’re insecure, could never do any better, are purely just settling, and they don’t believe they should be happy. It’s very disappointing and I feel like everything I’ve done to make sure that they know they’re important and significant is being thrown in my face. Everything I have done, all the advice and support I’ve given just means nothing. It hurts and it makes me feel mad. I almost don’t want to face them because I feel like smacking them across the face. I obviously won’t, but I know I’d feel better if I did.

Seriously, just… people need to stop blowing me off/ignoring me overall and understand that most of the time, I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Not to sound cocky or narcissistic, but I’ve had a lot of life experience in the short amount of years I’ve been alive, and apparently, I’m still giving advice that comes naturally to me to people who are 2-5 years older than me. Then they realize that I really am right and to stfu. The end.